Garigal's sustainability Policy  

At Garigal sustainability is a journey not a destination and means adopting business principles and practices that meet the needs of stakeholders without compromising future resource needs. Garigal is engaged in a journey which involves long term commitment to the integration of sustainable principles and practices which endeavours to balance stakeholder expectations with economic outcomes. Decision making processes aim to effectively integrate both long and short-term economic, environmental, social and equity considerations to promote sustainable outcomes across Garigal for the benefit of our Stakeholders and the broader community.

Garigal's sustainability principles and practices will:
  • Incorporate eco-efficiency principles to new and existing development and investment;
  • Maintain realistic objectives and targets to monitor and improve progress;
  • Integrate a national program of sustainable initiatives across the Group in key resource areas including: energy, water and waste;
  • Implement responsible and practical sustainable management procedures;
  • Foster partnerships with government and industry champions to drive innovation and practical solutions;
  • Provide education and awareness amongst employees and clients;
  • Demonstrate environmental conscience to the wider community; and Market sustainable technology and principles applied to products, services and investments.
These guiding principles and practices form the blueprint for Garigal's sustainability journey.
OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Customer Focused // Sustainability // Professionalism // Teamwork