Garigal looks to deliver steadily increasing net cashflows to investors by a mixture of secure long term contractual rental income, asset management strategies and pure development. This is supplemented by using cost effective, sustainable and efficient capital and corporate structures.
Garigal's team is focused on retail real estate thereby ensuring our skill base is directly related to the investments we have under management.

We believe it is only through having strong relationships with our tenants and with our local property service providers that we can deliver the best return to our investors. We require all our investments to be managed completely in-house by our team and do not subcontract the leasing, property, shopping centre and accounting management to external parties who are not solely focused on delivering the best returns to our investors.

Using our retail platform and our track record we hope to grow the current portfolio to become the lead investor, manager and developer of community based retail centres in Europe. We have a strong pipeline of opportunities to be able to grow over time whilst maintaining our forecast returns.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Customer Focused // Sustainability // Professionalism // Teamwork