Center Management  

Shopping centers and retail parks are the pulse of the local and regional retail sector and parallel a great challenge for the operator. It is important for them to ensure the long-term success by a targeted and continuous management and a customer-oriented tenant and branch mix. In intensive dialogue with our shareholders, customers and tenants, we design experience shopping for our visitors through analytical and target group-oriented marketing and public relations.

Moreover Garigal provides for its customers:  

Object analysis

The realistic evaluation of a commercial site is of extreme importance. Garigal is a welcome partner of investors due to the extensive trading experience and advise them in terms of quality of the property and meaningful tenant and sector mix.


The major goal of any shopping center or retail park is the successful positioning in the market. We achieve this goal by analyzing the current situation and the necessary corrections. Then we adapt the marketing of the property according to the visitor / customer structure. We lead or we initiate marketing associations, search and control the advertising agency and take care of the associated event management.

Tenant management

Satisfied and successful tenants are of crucial importance for the long-term success of a center. The center management of Garigal maintains an intensive contact with all tenants, and provides information on current changes in the center or in the competitive environment We advise them on trade-related issues and activities.

Rental service

Also a highly experienced, nationwide active leasing team is included in Garigal's integrated center management. A shopping center or retail park without qualified full occupancy negatively affects the number of visitors and reduces profitability for the investor. Garigal plans and coordinates the leasing process including discussions, implementation of the rental policy and completion of leases.


Also shopping centers or retail parks "have seen better days". But they must be continuously kept attractive and adapted to the needs of customers. The center management of Garigal is due to its experience in project development and revitalization an ideal partner for optimizing your commercial property and advise in the functional concept planning, to realize a successful branch and tenant mix, and in designing the mall architecture.

Monitoring of service partners

A well-functioning for the customer shopping - or retail center has a competent and experienced center management that controls all, services partners, working for the property. Garigal is a fair partner in dealing with facility management, security, maintenance and audit firms, thus contributing to the smooth running during operation.

Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators

Garigal controls your financial indicators regularly:

  • Tenant Satisfaction
  • Timely implementation of the debit positions
  • Regular dunning run to agreed deadlines
  • Avoidance of open items (arrears)
  • Creation of service charges statement until 30.06. of the year
  • Delivery of reports to the specified dates
  • Regular property inspections
  • Budget planning and tracking
  • Optimizing operating costs


Reporting for shopping centers - or retail park in gaining in importance for the owner or his asset managers. Garigal provides a regularly Shopping Center Report for your property, considering asset management, the development of the rental situation, the vacancy and arrears as well as a list of previously processed capex issues like maintenance and investments.
Information on service charges, valuation of the property and a review / outlook of marketing activities incl. development of visitor numbers complete the report.

Other benefits of Garigal are active asset - and property - management and accounting, if desired.


Thomas Haeser
Director Shopping Center Management

+49 (0)69 91 50 686-50

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